Holistic Wellness NOW Mullumbimby

B E C O M E · U


Empowering YOU to step into YOUR new way of being. To discover YOUR true essence, and to actualise your FULL POTENTIAL in this reaity – to BECOME U.



I do many things in my life, as we all do … I’m not special. I have varied states of attachment and detachment in relation to what they say or represent about me, and my 3D identity depends on the day really! I see everything as a process. My hope and wish is to help others heal, contextualise, understand and move through core issues in this lifetime and all those that they exist within, in relation to questions, the need for clarification, and the truth as it stands.



Bringing YOU to yourself through varied modalities from clairvoyance to yoga, meditation to actualised creativity. Empowering YOU to be present and step into your TRUE REALITY – to BECOME U.

Clairvoyant Readings

90 mins $140 | 60 mins $110 | 30 mins $55
SOUL FACILITATION or CLAIRVOYANT channeling. Information channeled through me from your soul, parrallel lives and higher universal realities. Your ENERGETIC MAP – that your soul wants you to access on a conscious level, which you may already have a ‘knowing’ about. Face-to-face, online or recorded MP3.

Energetic Group Readings

$110 per hour (min 2 hours)
ENERGETIC group READINGS, parties, get togethers, Hen’s day’s, well-being group classes or workshops. Combine individual readings with a meditation for the group or class of your choosing. Face-to-face, online or recorded MP3.

Reiki Treatments

90 mins $140 | 60 mins $110 | 30 mins $55
NON-VERBAL HEALING. These relaxing, nourishing energetic and nurturing sessions realign, ground and connect you to your breath, soul centre and higher vibrational self. Each session fishishes with yoga Nidra or yogic sleep abd meditation practice of your choice. Face-to-face, online or gift vouchers available.

Reiki Attunements

Reiki I $275 | Reiki II $275 | Reiki Masters $800
REIKI, ENERGETIC HEALING and CHANNELING program. ‘Learning the ancient Japanese healing and universal energy techniques of REIKI’. Are you feeling that there is something more that you are here to do and be in relation to healing and channelling, yet it escapes you and you are not sure where to start?

One-On-One Yoga

5 weeks $200 | 10 weeks $340 | 12 weeks $420
ONE on ONE personalized WEEKLY MEDITATION, Pranayama breath work, astrology class and program. Includes a workbook for ten weeks, with three weekly check in’s. Face-to-face, online or MP3 recording.

Self-Directed Yoga Coaching

5 weeks $250 | 10 weeks $390 | 12 weeks $470
SELF-DIRECTED individual YOGA MOVEMENT program. Personalised individual yoga and movement practice program with mobility and range of motion assessment and coaching for individuals. Choose a five, ten or twelve week program. Combination of face-to-face, online, MP3 recordings and phone support.

Holistic Wellness Now

Personalised Group Yoga

90 mins $25 pp | 75 mins $20 pp
SMALL PERSONALIZED group YOGA, movement and medidation classes. Groups of five or more, mats and blocks supplied for face-to-face classes. Face-to-face or online.

Holistic Wellness Now

Individual Art Classes

60 mins $85 | 90 mins $110 | 120 mins $140
Ignite your CREATIVE PRACTICE into a daily, weekly or monthly process that serves, ENLIVENS AND CONNECTS you. One-on-one creative ignition mentoring and coaching from spring onwards. Face-to-face or online. One-off sessions or coaching packages available.

Holistic Wellness Now

Group Art Classes

90 mins $65 pp | 120 mins $110 pp
CREATIVE IGNITION group classes. Choose your creative synergy per discipline or let me select for free flowing inner child play. One-off group based workshops or your weekly group CREATIVE FIX. Combine with other sessions to connect to your creative force. Face-to-face or online.